Professional Musician, Producer, Music Technology Consultant

PhD, M.A., Academic Counsellor (o.d.)

Some private (non-commercial) infos about my  passion


- studied music and pedagogy, collected several academic degrees, also in geography, economics and 3rd world affairs, visiting more than 80 countries.

- am a world citizen based in Germany and Croatia

- spent more than 45 years of practicing music, production and music technology, experienced decades of university lecturing/research/semiars with thousands of students and administration of a music technology department. I released many publications. I am also a pilot, diver, golf, (motor-) cycling and boating nerd.

- like open minded gentle people and sharing knowledge. I promote solidarity with people who donĀ“t have access to proper educational resources


I operate a private non commercial channel which does not represent my work but some fun in my sparetime - some video impros on music tech:

 in case of serious requests contact me on facebook